Safe Boating

Safe Boating Courses

The course is taught in three parts.

  • PART 1Boating Basics will qualify you to receive the PCOC (Pleasure Craft Operator Card )…now required by Transport Canada to operate a vessel under 4 metres. This 2 day course covers basic navigation, collision regulations, aids to navigation and much more. Course fee includes Text Required pre–study of Course Material. Dates are:

To register for the next PCOC course,  phone Charles at 250-334-0225 for more info

  • PART 2Beyond the Basics where you learn about knot tying, weather, anchoring, and other marine related subjects.
  • PART 3 – Intro to Navigation teaches the use of charts and plotting courses.

All the instructors are volunteers. There will be an examination at the end. Please be advised that, besides the two hour classes each week, there is homework. Some weeks, it is just a matter of reading a chapter or two. During the four weeks of navigation and chart training, it can be considerably more…depending on each students experience with charts or maps and using a compass and bearings.

Contact us: or phone Charles at 250-334-0225 for more info